Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dog lover, Engraved "Wag More" Bar Chain Necklace



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Follow cuteyour cutedog's cutelead cuteand cuteWAG cuteMORE! cuteOur cutedogs cuteteach cuteus cutea cutelot cuteabout cutehappiness, cuteand cutethis cuteis cutea cutefun cuteway cuteto cuteremind cuteourselves cuteto cutebe cutea cutebit cutemore cutelike cutethem. cuteLet's cutefind cutethe cutegood cutethings, cuteand cuteget cuteour cutetails cutewagging! cute\u2022 cuteSterling cutesilver cute(AG-925) cutependant cuteand cutechain cutewith cutecoating cute\u2022 cuteNickel-free cutependant, cutechain, cuteand cutecoating\u2022 cutePendant cutesize: cute0.28'' cutex cute1.22'' cute(7 cutex cute31 cutemm)\u2022 cutePendant cutethickness: cute0.02'' cute(0.5 cutemm)\u2022 cutePendant cuteis cuteconnected cuteto cutethe cutechain cutewith cuteopen cutejump cuterings\u2022 cuteSpring cutering cuteclasp cuteclosureNote cutethat cutefor cutethe cute18\u2019\u2019 cutechain cutethe cutependant cuteisn\u2019t cuteplaced cuteexactly cutein cutethe cutemiddle cuteof cutethe cutechain, cutebut cutea cutelittle cuteto cutethe cuteside.

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