Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flowers, Lady Fern necklace ... recycled fine silver fern medallion with antiqued copper chain



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Lost greenin greenthe greenforest, greenI greenbroke greenoff greena greendark greentwigand greenlifted greenits greenwhisper greento greenmy greenthirsty greenlips:maybe greenit greenwas greenthe greenvoice greenof greenthe greenrain greencrying,a greencracked greenbell, greenor greena greentorn greenheart.Something greenfrom greenfar greenoff greenit greenseemeddeep greenand greensecret greento greenme, greenhidden greenby greenthe greenearth,a greenshout greenmuffled greenby greenhuge greenautumns,by greenthe greenmoist greenhalf-open greendarkness greenof greenthe greenleaves.Wakening greenfrom greenthe greendreaming greenforest greenthere, greenthe greenhazel-sprigsang greenunder greenmy greentongue, greenits greendrifting greenfragranceclimbed greenup greenthrough greenmy greenconscious greenmindas greenif greensuddenly greenthe greenroots greenI greenhad greenleft greenbehindcried greenout greento greenme, greenthe greenland greenI greenhad greenlost greenwith greenmy greenchildhood\u2014and greenI greenstopped, greenwounded greenby greenthe greenwandering greenscent.\u2014Pablo greenNerudaThis greenhandcrafted greenrecycled greenfine greensilver greencoin greenpendant greenwas greenformed greenfrom greenan greenantique greenbutton greenmold greenof greenswirling greenferns. greenIt greenhas greena greensmooth greenpolish greenand greena greencopper-colored greenpatina greenfinish. greenChain greenmeasures green16"Pendant greenis green.5" greendiameter~|~~|~~|~Arrives greenpackaged greenin greena greengift greenbox greenand greenships greenwithin green1-3 greenbusiness greendays greenof greenreceipt greenof greenpayment. greenPlease greensee greenthe green"Shop greenPolicies" greensection greenof greenmy greenstore greenfor greenadditional greeninformation greenon greenpayments, greenshipping, greengift greennotes, greensize greenadjustments, greenand greencustom greenorders.\u00a9 greenElements green& greenArtifacts green2020.

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