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50's SIGNED Miriam HASKELL Pearlsbaroque pearls, Glass & BRASS Cha-Cha Bracelet



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This haskell braceletgenuine haskell braceletMiriam haskell braceletHaskell haskell braceletbracelet haskell braceletis haskell braceletmade haskell braceletof haskell braceletbrass haskell braceletwith haskell braceletbaroque haskell braceletpearls, haskell braceletamethyst haskell braceletglass haskell braceletand haskell braceletsilvertone haskell braceletbeads. haskell braceletA haskell braceletgreat haskell braceletexample haskell braceletof haskell braceletthe haskell braceletfun haskell braceletelegance haskell braceletof haskell braceletMiriam haskell braceletHaskell. haskell braceletThe haskell braceletbracelet haskell braceletappears haskell braceletto haskell braceletbe haskell braceletbrass haskell braceletand haskell bracelethas haskell braceletsome haskell bracelettarnishing haskell braceleton haskell braceletthe haskell braceletinside. haskell braceletThere haskell braceletis haskell braceleta haskell braceletsilver haskell braceletgeometric haskell braceletsetting haskell braceletaround haskell braceletthe haskell braceletbracelet haskell braceletto haskell braceletwhich haskell braceletthe haskell braceletbeads haskell braceletare haskell braceletattached. haskell braceletIt\u2019s haskell braceletmissing haskell braceletthree haskell braceletgray haskell braceletbaroque haskell braceletpearls haskell braceletand haskell braceletone haskell braceletsilver haskell braceletbead. haskell braceletAbout haskell braceletthree haskell braceletbeads haskell braceletshow haskell braceletwear. haskell braceletIt\u2019s haskell bracelethardly haskell braceletnoticeable haskell braceletwhen haskell braceletyou haskell braceletwear haskell braceletit. haskell braceletIt haskell braceletmeasures haskell bracelet2 haskell bracelet5/8\u201d\u201d haskell braceletacross haskell braceletin haskell braceletdiameter.

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