Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mexican Plique a Jour ENAMELaztec princess, Sterling SILVER Pendant Necklace/ Aztec Warrior Princess



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This mexican sterlingMexican mexican sterlingsilver mexican sterlingpiece mexican sterlingfeatures mexican sterlingan mexican sterlingAztec mexican sterlingPrincess mexican sterlingWarrior mexican sterlingwith mexican sterlingplique-a-jour mexican sterlingenameling. mexican sterlingThe mexican sterlingdesign mexican sterlingis mexican sterlingcut mexican sterlingout mexican sterlinginto mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingsilver mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingenamel mexican sterlingis mexican sterlingbehind mexican sterlingit mexican sterlinggiving mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingpiece mexican sterlinga mexican sterlingstained mexican sterlingglass mexican sterlingappearance. mexican sterlingThe mexican sterlingbail mexican sterlingis mexican sterlingmarked mexican sterling"TM-190" mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingword mexican sterlingMexico. mexican sterlingThis mexican sterlingdates mexican sterlingit mexican sterlingpost mexican sterling1980. mexican sterlingMeasures mexican sterling1 mexican sterling5/8" mexican sterlingheight mexican sterlingx mexican sterling1 mexican sterling1/4" mexican sterlingwidth. mexican sterlingChain mexican sterlingis mexican sterling23 mexican sterling1/2\u201d mexican sterlinglong.In mexican sterlinggreat mexican sterlingcondition.

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