Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski Crystalclear crystal, Necklaceclear crystal, Pendantclear crystal, Adjustable Chainclear crystal, Sterling Silverclear crystal, Teachers Giftclear crystal, Hand Made Jewelryclear crystal, Chain Mailleclear crystal, christmas gift



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20 aurora borealismm aurora borealisSwarovski aurora borealiscrystal aurora borealisring aurora borealis(clear aurora borealiswith aurora borealisaurora aurora borealisborealis aurora borealisreflective aurora borealiscoating). aurora borealisChain aurora borealismaille aurora borealisbail aurora borealisin aurora borealissterling aurora borealissilver aurora borealis(.925). aurora borealisPendant aurora borealiscomes aurora borealison aurora borealisa aurora borealissterling aurora borealissilver aurora borealischain aurora borealisthat aurora borealisadjusts aurora borealisup aurora borealisto aurora borealis22 aurora borealisinches.

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