Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Handmade Polymer clay Pendantdouble strand, Custom Wire Wrap Necklace with Scrolled Wire Clasp



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One double strandof double stranda double strandkind double strandoriginal double stranddesign. double strandHandcrafted double strandpendant double strandmade double strandfrom double strandpolymer double strandclay double strandcontaining double strandsilver double strandleaf double strandaccents. double strandUnique double stranddesign double strandusing double strandhandmade double strandwire double strandwrap double strandcoils, double strandfaceted double strandcrystal double strandbead double strandaccents, double stranddouble double strandstrands double strandof double strandclear double strandseed double strandbeads double strandand double strandending double strandbeautifully double strandwith double strandcrystal, double strandwire double strandwrap double strandand double stranda double strandhandmade double strand'S double strand'closure.

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