Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unisex silver pendant, Silver pendant. Geometric pendant. Atria. Author jewelry.



In stock



ATRIA artisan jewelrypendant. artisan jewelryTrapezoidal artisan jewelrypendant artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrygrooves artisan jewelryand artisan jewelrytextures.Made artisan jewelryof artisan jewelry925 artisan jewelrysterling artisan jewelrysilver.Approximate artisan jewelrydimensions: artisan jewelry3.5 artisan jewelryx artisan jewelry3.4 artisan jewelryx artisan jewelry3 artisan jewelryx artisan jewelry0.7 artisan jewelrycm.Crafting: artisan jewelryhandcrafted artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrylost artisan jewelrywax artisan jewelrycasting.This artisan jewelrypiece artisan jewelryis artisan jewelryinspired artisan jewelryby artisan jewelrythe artisan jewelryoceans, artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelryripples artisan jewelryand artisan jewelrytextures artisan jewelrythat artisan jewelryevoke artisan jewelrythe artisan jewelrywaves artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrythe artisan jewelrysea. artisan jewelryIt artisan jewelrybelongs artisan jewelryto artisan jewelrya artisan jewelryseries artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrycollections artisan jewelrycalled artisan jewelry"Small artisan jewelrySculptures", artisan jewelryas artisan jewelrythese artisan jewelryare artisan jewelrysmall-scale artisan jewelrysculptures artisan jewelrywhose artisan jewelryfunction artisan jewelryis artisan jewelryto artisan jewelryadorn artisan jewelrythe artisan jewelrybody. artisan jewelryIt artisan jewelryhas artisan jewelrya artisan jewelryminimalist artisan jewelryand artisan jewelrycontemporary artisan jewelryline artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrya artisan jewelrylot artisan jewelryof artisan jewelryforce, artisan jewelryits artisan jewelrygeometric artisan jewelrycut artisan jewelrydesign artisan jewelryand artisan jewelryblunt artisan jewelryappearance, artisan jewelrymake artisan jewelryit artisan jewelrya artisan jewelryconsiderable artisan jewelryand artisan jewelryinevitably artisan jewelrystriking artisan jewelryjewel.Delivered artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrynatural artisan jewelryleather artisan jewelrycord artisan jewelry42 artisan jewelrycm. artisan jewelryin artisan jewelrylength.If artisan jewelryyou artisan jewelryneed artisan jewelrya artisan jewelryspecific artisan jewelrydelivery artisan jewelrydate, artisan jewelryif artisan jewelryyou artisan jewelrywant artisan jewelryanother artisan jewelrytype artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrycord/chain artisan jewelryor artisan jewelrywant artisan jewelryit artisan jewelryto artisan jewelrya artisan jewelrycertain artisan jewelryextent artisan jewelrydo artisan jewelrynot artisan jewelryhesitate artisan jewelryto artisan jewelrycontact artisan jewelryme. artisan jewelryFor artisan jewelryany artisan jewelryconsultation artisan jewelryI artisan jewelrywill artisan jewelrybe artisan jewelryhappy artisan jewelryto artisan jewelryassist artisan jewelryyou.

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