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forest, Recycled Leather Leaf Earrings -Forest Green



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We\u2019ve greenused greendark greenforest greengreen greenrecycled greenleather greento greenmake greenthese greenbeautiful greenlightweight greenearrings. greenEach greenpair greenis greenhand greencut greenand greenassembled greenin greenmy greenhome greenstudio. greenThey greendangle greenfrom greenantique greenbrass greenfrench greenstyle greenear greenwires greenand greenwill greenarrive greenon greenan greenearring greencard greenwith greenclear greenrubber greenbacks. greenMeasurements: greenEarring greenmeasures green2 green1/2\u201d greenfrom greentop greenof greenear greenwire. greenLeather greenleaf greenmeasures green1 green3/4\u201d greenlong greenx green1\u201d greenwide.

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