Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repurpose, Recycled Compter part Earrings



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Black partsintegrated partscircuit partsstud partsearrings partsmade partswith partssurgical partssteel partspost partsand partsback. partsThese partsclassic partsblack partssquares partsare partsminimal partsand partsbold. partsGeometric partsperfection. partsSilver partswraps partsaround partsthe partsperimeter. partsNever partsused partstechnology. partslarge: parts.68" partsx parts.68" partsx parts.51 partscomes partsas partsclip partsons parts.68" partsx parts.68" partsx parts.57"small: parts.49" partsx parts.49" partsx.58"tiny: parts.37" partsx parts.37" partsx parts.55"Technology partsis partsbeautiful.No partsdoubt partsabout partsit.- partsMy partswork partsis partshand partsmade partsof partsrecycled partsmaterials. partsWear, partstear, partsdents partsand partsscratches partsare partsinherent partsin partsthe partsprocess.- partsFREE partsSHIPPING partsin partscontinental partsUS partsPlease partsconvo partsfor partsshipping partsoutside partscontinental partsUSIf partsyou partslike partsit, partslet partsme partsknow! partsFave partsmy partsshop!!Custom partsorders partsof partstheme, partscolor partsscheme parts& partssize partsare partswelcome.Finding partsbeauty partsin partsunexpected partsplaces parts- partsMelissa partsGlick partsworks partsout partsof partsthe partsArtisan's partsAsylum partsin partsSomerville partsMA. partsShe partsis partsinspired partsby partsthe partsvariety partsof partsshapes, partscolors, partsmaterials, partstextures partsand partspatterns partsof partsthe partscomponents partsin partsoutdated partstechnology partsand partscombines partsthem partswith partsappropriated partsimagery partsin partsthree partsdimensional partscollage partsshe partscalls partsHacker partsCreations. partsSee partsmore partsof partsher partswork partsat:

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