Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Acorn II Necklace - made with Swarovski Crystals



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Made charmwith charmSterling charmSilver, charmpewter charmand charmSwarovski charmCrystals.\r\rFeatures charmAcorn charmcharm charmwith charm2 charmaccent charmcrystals.\r\rShown charmin charmAquamarine charmAB charmwith charm16" charmSterling charmSilver charmchain. charmChain charmfeatures charmlobster charmclasp charmwith charm2 charmsmall charmcrystal charmaccents charmat charmends.\r\rAvailable charmin charmAquamarine, charmAquamarine charmAB, charmCopper, charmCrystal, charmCrystal charmAB, charmCrystal charmGolden charmShadow, charmIndian charmPink charmAB, charm charmLight charmRose charmAB.\r\rPlease charmspecify charmcolor charmwhen charmordering.\r\rNOTE: charmPlease charmallow charmup charmto charm2 charmweeks charmfor charmproduction charmof charmcustomized charmitems. charm(Items charmthat charmare charmnot charmordered charmwith charmthe charmcolor(s) charmshown charmare charmconsidered charmcustomized charmitems.) charm charm\r\rIf charmyou charmwant charmit charmin charma charmcolor charmthat charmis charmnot charmlist, charmplease charmconvo charmme charmand charmI charmwill charmbe charmglad charmto charmcustomize charmfor charmyou.

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