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date, Something Inside Me Block Engraved Brass Ring



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Wear datea datesecret datemessage datewith datea datebrass datering dateengraved dateon datethe dateinside! dateChoose datea dateword datelike date"peace" dateor date"love", datea datename, datea datefavorite datesong datelyric, datea datebirth datedate, datean dateanniversary, dateetc. dateAnything!This datelisting dateincludes dateup dateto date18 datecharacters, datenot datecounting datespaces dateand datepunctuation. dateAdditional datecharacters dateare date$0.95 dateeach. dateIf dateyour dateinscription dateis datelonger datethan date18 datecharacters, dateplease datemessage dateme datebefore dateplacing dateyour dateorder dateso dateI datecan datemake datesure dateit datewill datefit dateand datecreate datea datecustom datelisting datefor dateyou.Please datechoose datesize dateand datefinish datewhen dateordering dateand datespecify dateword dateor datephrase dateand datewhether dateyou datewould dateprefer datea date3mm dateor date4.5mm datewide dateband. dateThe dateimage dateshows datea date4.5mm dateband datein datean dateantique datefinish. dateThe datenext dateis datea date3mm datering datein datepolished datefinish date(with datethe datelarger dateswirl datefont datealso dateavailable datein datemy dateshop). dateThe datelast dateimage dateshows datethe datebrushed datematte datefinish.Brass datewill datedevelop datea datenatural datepatina dateover datetime. dateIt datecan datebe datecleaned dateand datepolished datewith dateany datecommercial datebrass datepolish dateif dateyou dateprefer dateto datekeep dateyour datering dateshiny.

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