Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklacelampwork beads, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s vintage 1920svintage vintage 1920sbead vintage 1920sstrand vintage 1920snecklace. vintage 1920sDelicate vintage 1920swire vintage 1920sshows vintage 1920slight vintage 1920spatina. vintage 1920sOne vintage 1920sbead vintage 1920sis vintage 1920ssplit vintage 1920sin vintage 1920s2 vintage 1920sbut vintage 1920sstill vintage 1920sall vintage 1920spresent, vintage 1920sanother vintage 1920sbead vintage 1920shas vintage 1920sa vintage 1920slittle vintage 1920schunk vintage 1920smissing, vintage 1920salmost vintage 1920slike vintage 1920sa vintage 1920sbubble vintage 1920sunder vintage 1920sthe vintage 1920ssurface vintage 1920smade vintage 1920sit vintage 1920svulnerable. vintage 1920sThe vintage 1920scolor vintage 1920sis vintage 1920sa vintage 1920sbright vintage 1920schartreuse vintage 1920syellow vintage 1920swith vintage 1920ssubtle vintage 1920s(lampwork?) vintage 1920sswirl. vintage 1920sMeasures vintage 1920s60" vintage 1920slong.Ships vintage 1920sin vintage 1920sa vintage 1920sgift vintage 1920sbox.I vintage 1920scombine vintage 1920sshipping vintage 1920son vintage 1920smultiple vintage 1920sitems.

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