Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14 inch, Teal 14 Inch Necklace with 4 Leaf Charms



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A leaf charmdelicate leaf charm14 leaf charminch leaf charmnecklace leaf charmcompletely leaf charmstrung leaf charmwith leaf charmbeautiful leaf charmteal leaf charmseed leaf charmbeads. leaf charm4 leaf charmgunmetal leaf charmleaf leaf charmcharms leaf charmaccent leaf charmthe leaf charmnecklace. leaf charmIt leaf charmhas leaf charma leaf charmstainless leaf charmsteel leaf charmspring leaf charmring leaf charmclasp.Your leaf charmjewelry leaf charmcomes leaf charmin leaf charmcustom leaf charmpackaging leaf charmthat leaf charmis leaf charmperfect leaf charmfor leaf charmgift leaf charmgiving. leaf charm(See leaf charmPicture leaf charmAbove)

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